Manetas Alexandροσ (BAG)
Boatyard since 1936

Around 1936 Alexander Manetas (BAG) moved from Corfu to Margarona area and founded the small yard in Preveza, the first that existed in our region.

Since the start of business operations was was hauling and launching, maintenance and repair and construction of wooden fishing vessels and fishermen boats further this kind of work requires skilled manpower which established the necessary facilities, technical and mechanical.

After many years of painstaking and tedious work, the (Father) Alexander decided to transfer the business to the new family member, his son, Dimitris Manetas where he continues to this day the story of the yard.

The same zeal acquired from his father Dimitris transmits and two sons Alexander and John, and with the necessary technological knowledge to be acquired by studying but also as employees of the firm will be the worthy successors.